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Degeneration of the lower back


Degeneration of the lower back vertebrae and discs is very common and unfortunately, very painful.   As we age, essentially all of us will suffer from this wear and tear in our bodies.   The intervertebral disc is very prone to degenerative changes and can cause debilitating pain. Over time the structure of the disc weakens to the point that it begins to break down.   When this happens, the disc cannot handle the stresses placed upon it, and the disc continues to degenerate.   

Treatment Options:

Historically, 80% of adults will experience back pain during their lifte time, but very few will need surgery.   Experts like Dr. Cady advocate stretching, and exercises to regain lost motion and decrease swelling.  Each patient is unique, and can handle a different level of activity, so Dr. Cady will work with you to provide you with the appropriate activity level.

Therapeutic Exercise:

The response to pain in the body is to restrict motion. Stretching exercises can improve flexibility of the restricted muscles. These exercises may help to decrease swelling, which improves the pain.


Today manipulation is performed by Chiropractors such as Dr. Cady.  He tests the joints individually to determine which segments are restricted so that he corrects the limited joints to restore ideal biomechanics to your spine.  This reduces the stress on the back so that the swelling and inflammation reduce, which helps you feel better.

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