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Joint Stiffness


Joint Pain may result from any number of diagnoses, such as tennis elbow, runnerís knee, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome or from repetitive motion injury, improper sitting, overexertion, slips, falls, accidents.  The traditional medical approach might be to splint to reduce joint movement, pain medication and muscle relaxant prescription, steroid injections, or surgery.  Chiropractic treatment would focus on restoring normal range of motion to the joint and thereby proper function of the spine and extremities would be the end result.  Improving joint motion helps to restore normal biomechanics and in so doing, circulation is also improved to the area, scar tissue is reduced and the overall healing process is improved by motion occurring earlier. 

Joint pain is caused by not having a layer of lubrication and cushion between two bones. The Joint is like a shock absorber with cartilage and fluid called synovial fluid.  With this cushion your movements are nice and easy without pain.

We can help improve range of motion in the involved restricted joints to make you more comfortable.  There are also supplements you can take to improve joint health and we can help you with that also.  Call us today at 408-739-2273 and start improving today!