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Leg Pain          "I am now able to walk greater distances with more...


Leg Pain can come from many different causes. The first thing is to determine which part of the leg is affected. Pain down the back of the thigh could indicate a hamstring problem or a bulging disc. Pain in the Hip and groin area could indicate arthritic pain. Pain in the buttock and thigh extending toward the lower leg laterally could indicate a sciatic problem. Once we figure out the cause of the pain, the proper course of treatment is more logical as each condition has its own solution.

One area not covered in other pages of this website is poor circulation. I have many patients who have leg pain upon walking. This can be indicative of lumbar stenosis or a lower extremity circulatory disorder. Circulatory disorders are very common as people age. If you find that you are unable to walk as well as you did a few years ago, you may need treatment for a circulatory problem. Diagnosis of a circulatory disorder is complicated, because you have to rule out poor heart function, making sure the blood pressure and heart-rate are adequate.

Treatment for a circulatory problem is often accomplished using electrical muscle stimulation. We use interferential muscle stimulation from the lower back to the leg and foot. This has proven to be extremely beneficial in that it tones the muscles of the leg which improves circulation in the leg. This is effective in patients who have diabetes with leg pain due to the poor circulation.

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