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Thigh & Buttock Pain


Pain in one side of the buttock that does not go away within twenty-four hours indicates a significant problem. The pain may be achy, sore, stiff, dull, tight, and throbbing or any combination of the above. You may experience an increase in pain when sitting or standing for a prolonged period. The pain may include a deep dull ache, and/or soreness in the buttock. At times, it may be sharp and severe. Simple tasks such as putting your socks on in the morning seem monumental. Sleep may be disturbed. Pain increases when arising from a seated position making it very difficult or even impossible to straighten up. Pain may radiate from the buttock into the posterior leg. Leg pain may be perceived as pain or numbness. Buttock pain is worse first thing in the morning and/or increases as the day goes on. Other symptoms may be present.


Misalignment of the pelvic joints more properly known as the sacroiliac joints is the primary culprit for buttock pain. Altered relationships between the tailbone (sacrum) and the pelvis (illium) in the body cause increased pressure and strain as well as loss of motion in the sacroiliac joints. Many patients mistakenly state, "My hip hurts" when in fact, it is the sacroiliac joint that becomes misaligned. These gliding joints are found in the pelvis and their function is to allow for movement and flexibility of the spine. When these gliding joints (facet joints) are affected by repeated trauma from excessive strenuous athletic activities, heredity, weakened or de-conditioned muscles, and the inevitable aging process, low back, buttock and/or leg pain is commonly experienced.


Conservative treatment for buttock pain utilizing chiropractic adjustments is highly effective for correcting the proper spinal mechanics of the pelvis. Taking over the counter medications simply mask the pain without actually resolving the structural problem, joint misalignment. In fact, taking medications may actually make the overall problem worse, by masking your body's natural defense mechanism. Your body is sending pain signals to your brain in order to prevent you from moving certain ways that could potentially further injure the back. If that defense mechanism is eliminated through the use of pain pills, further insult to the body is much more likely.

After performing a thorough history and physical exam, Dr. Cady will determine if you have a "sacroiliac" problem or something else. Once you are told that you have a pelvic misalignment, Dr. Cady will begin the use of conservative chiropractic adjustments to restore structure and function to the spine. Treatment may also include adjunctive therapies such as ice and electrical stimulation. Home care might include an aggressive home icing program and stretching program. Modification of certain activities while at home may be recommended, such as avoiding prolonged sitting. If deemed medically necessary, x-rays will be ordered. Call us at 408-739-2273 to make an appointment today.