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Spinal adjustments


Dr. Cady uses both manual manipulation and non-force adjusting in order to handle a more diverse range of injuries. He is always as gentle as possible to help you improve quickly. He improves the range of motion of the restricted joints in order to return normal circulation and health to those injured joints. Spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) is at the heart of chiropractic. The objective of spinal manipulation is to reduce pain and restore function.

An adjustment can be delivered in a number of different ways:

  • Traditional adjustments usually produce a popping sound called an osseous release as the joint is manipulated. This sound is a byproduct of an improvement in joint mobility, which restores proper joint movement.
  • Dr. Cady sometimes uses an adjusting instrument such as an Activator to provide an adjustment. There is no osseous release when an adjusting instrument is used. When properly applied, both techniques are usually painless and extremely safe.
  • Dr. Cady also uses Thompson Drop Technique and Cox Flexion Distraction when indicated. By being skilled in several adjustive techniques, Dr. Cady is qualified to help a wider variety of health concerns.