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I suffered for three months with jaw pain.  My regular M.D. and dentist were giving me the run-around, rather than helping me.  When I came to see Dr. Cady for treatment on my neck and upper back, I didnít think he would be able to help either; but I mentioned my jaw pain anyway.  He informed me that ultrasound and gentle manipulation would help.  It was like a miracle!  With each session my condition was improving.  I now could open my mouth with less pain.  I am very pleased with the care that I received at Back Care Specialists.

Catherine K.

Following a series of significant dental work, I experienced some severe jaw pain.  After several weeks enduring this pain I sought help from Dr. Cady, who thankfully, provided quick relief.  So when I sprained my ankle, naturally the doctor of choice was Dr. Cady.  What seemed like a sprain that would keep me inactive for four to six weeks, improved with only one week of intense therapy, and I was back to playing basketball and running the following week.  Thanks Dr. Cady.  

Richard K.