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Dr. Cady with daughter Michelle
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I have been troubled on and off for years with my neck and back.  Dr. Cady has done a great job keeping everything working as it should.  I coach youth sports and have a nasty tendency to “over-do it” with my teams.  Dr. Cady keeps me going and gets me back on the field- not an easy task!  

Candace G.

Dr. Cady has done a wonderful job helping my daughter stay healthy and able to participate fully in her sports.  She is a competitive fast-pitch pitcher, and has had a few different injuries.  Dr. Cady has helped her back to health, while teaching her how to keep her body healthy as well as how to heel it.  

Melanie G.    

After I landed on my neck during a tumbling pass, I was in terrible pain.   And since cheerleading is such a competitive team sport, my teammates were depending on me to be there; which meant I had to get better fast.  Thankfully, Dr. Cady helped me feel better right away and has continued to help me stay strong.  Thanks Dr. Cady! 

Ginger G.