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Wellness for life


     Getting older doesn't mean you have to "feel" old - or act it. You probably know people in their 60's, 70's and beyond with the energy, enthusiasm, activity and zest for life of people half their age.

If that's your goal too, chiropractic can be just what the doctor ordered: wellness care rather than the treatment of pain, disease and symptoms. Chiropractic helps you maintain your good health over the entire course of your life, including your golden years.

A recent study found that older people who utilize chiropractic care report better overall health, fewer symptomatic chronic conditions, shorter stays in hospitals and nursing homes, and more mobility than seniors who were not using chiropractic care. This three year study, headed by Ian Coulter, Ph.D., of the prestigious Rand Corporation Research Institute, also showed that older people who use chiropractic on a regular, periodic basis were less likely to use prescription drugs and more likely to exercise regularly and participate in community activities. This investigation suggests the potential for chiropractic care to address the preventive and rehabilitative needs of the older patient, which hopefully will be addressed more specifically in future research.

For over a century, Doctors of Chiropractic have been devoted to "whole-body" natural healthcare that does not rely on costly surgery and hospitalization or medications. Most of all, chiropractors are trained in maintaining wellness through gentle, safe and effective techniques and counseling that can help you stay vibrant and active no matter what your age. Chiropractic is as committed to helping older people look and feel years younger as it is to hands-on natural healing. That's why millions of healthy, active people trust their care to a Doctor of Chiropractic.

You may be surprised to learn that one in five adults, age 55-64 has visited a chiropractor. And it's estimated that people over 65 make up nearly one-fifth of Dr. Cady's practice. While a number of people visit their Dr. Cady for back pain or headache, many patients report improvement with symptoms of arthritis or other chronic ailments associated with aging. Of course, with concerns about over-medication and the potential side-effects of combining various drugs, the simple, natural effectiveness of chiropractic care is very reassuring.

Chiropractors are trained to recognize that older people have special needs. Dr. Cady understands care and management goals must be tailored to each unique health situation and lifestyle. Chiropractic can help to restore and maintain joint, muscles, nerve and soft tissue health. This is important as you get older because it keeps you fit and flexible, feeling good and able to enjoy many types of physical activity. Our involvement in your total wellness goes far beyond spinal adjustments. We can:

  • Counsel you on how to employ flexibility and weight-bearing exercise for better health
  • Offer guidance on diet, nutrition and supplements
  • Advise you about weight control, and maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Help you cope with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

In addition, chiropractic adjustments can safely and effectively address a wide range of problems older people typically encounter. Should the diagnosis determine that your condition would respond better to treatment with another healthcare discipline, a referral is made. More and more men and women rely on chiropractors to help remove some of the underlying spinal, skeletal and muscular causes of the distress and debilitation that plagues many older individuals. Chiropractors have the unique skills to help reduce pain and infirmity, provide greater mobility, robust health, and a positive outlook for enjoying life to it's fullest.

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