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Chiropractic is popular!


Because chiropractic treatment of lower back pain is often more successful than medical treatment, patient satisfaction with chiropractic care is generally higher. As these successes mount, positive word-of-mouth spreads. Today, the popularity of chiropractic is at an all-time high.

Nearly 30% of the U.S. population, aged 18 and older, have used chiropractic.

The Gallup Organization, 1991.


Nine of ten chiropractic users felt their treatment was effective.

The Gallup Organization, 1991.


58% of those using chiropractic considered it an essential part of their Heath insurance package.

The Gallup Organization, 1991.

"Chiropractic patients were three times more satisfied with their care than patients of family practice physicians."

Western Journal of Medicine, 1989. "Patient Evaluations of Low-Back Pain Care."


"Chiropractors are now accepted as a legitimate healing profession by the public and by an increasing number of physicians."

The Manga Report, 1993.


"Chiropractic is a growing component of the health care sector, and it is widely used by the population."

The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, January 1992. "Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Treatment: An Economic Assessment, With Implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia."