Sunnyvale Whiplash Treatment

Care through chiropractic - Whiplash Treatment in Sunnyvale

Whiplash is the most common injury from car accidents and personal injury. If you’ve experienced whiplash and need treatment, visit Sunnyvale Whiplash Specialist Dr. Scott Cady.

Symptoms can begin immediately after a car accident or whiplash injury.  However in some cases, it may take weeks for symptoms to appear.  

Whiplash injury occurs when the body reacts to a deceleration or acceleration force. This causes hyper-flexion or hyperextension of the neck. Whiplash injuries are very common in car accidents.

Forces on the occupant of a damaged vehicle can be five times the force to the vehicle.  Therefore, even light damage to your car can leave you with injuries.  In addition, your joints were not designed to withstand these forces.

In addition, the longer you wait to get treatment, the longer it will take to recover.  However, if you get treatment quickly, recovery time usually decreases.  The last thing you want is long-term pain following the injury.

Dr. Cady is a Sunnyvale Chiropractor who specializes in treating whiplash injury. You will be treated with gentle chiropractic adjustments.  In addition, physical therapy, and bracing may be used if necessary.  Stretches are also an important part of recovery.

Treatment and will begin right away. The sooner you get the right help, the faster you will feel normal again. You can’t always avoid a car accident, but we can help you recover quickly. 

Whiplash Specialist Sunnyvale

Symptoms of Whiplash

  • Neck stiffness
  • Popping, or clicking in the neck
  • Headaches
  • Muscle soreness or spasm
  • Tension in the jaw
  • Dizziness & Ringing in the ears
  • Neck and back pain
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms or hands

Sunnyvale Chiropractic is the Sunnyvale Whiplash Specialist and can help you recover from whiplash injuries.  Schedule an appointment today!

Preventing Whiplash —  In addition, most cases of whiplash occur as a result of rear-end car crashes, you need to protect yourself.  Similarly, the best way to protect yourself on the road is to wear your seat belt correctly and on every ride. Above all, make sure the headrest in your vehicle is not too low.  However, many current head rests do not properly protect the neck.  Try to align the headrest near the back of your head.  After that, avoid driving in an overly reclined position. 

Maintaining good overall health prior to injury can help speed recovery if one occurs. This includes getting regular exercise, and eating healthy food. In addition, if you are experiencing neck or upper back pain, above all, get a complete evaluation.  (read more)  After that, you will better understand the injuries.  This way you can make an informed decision about the care you receive.

In conclusion, Sunnyvale Whiplash Specialist Dr. Scott Cady can help you recover quickly.  We look forward to helping you to achieve better health.  We will work with your insurance company or attorney.