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Headache and Migraine Treatment in Sunnyvale

Headaches, which affect people regardless of age, race, and gender, are one of the most common medical complaints that most individuals experience at some point in their lives. They can occur in any part of the head, either on both sides or in a specific area. Tension headaches are the most common type among adults and teenagers, causing mild to moderate pain that can be quite debilitating.

Studies indicate that spinal manipulation is a viable option for treating headaches.  (read more) Chiropractic manipulation has been shown to provide immediate relief of symptoms, with fewer side effects compared to medication.

Dr. Cady suffers with Migraine Headaches.  Therefore he understands your pain and will work with you to stabilize your headaches.  Call today so you can feel better soon.

Headaches and Migraine Treatment

Dr. Scott Cady can help you in our Sunnyvale chiropractic office.

Migraine and headache are frequently reported complaints in our office, with various types of headaches having different causes. Among these types, tension headache is the most prevalent.

Tension headaches typically stem from prolonged suboccipital muscle contractions, which connect the back of the skull to the neck bones. Multiple mechanisms are believed to contribute to the occurrence of this type of headache.

Muscle Inflammation and Trigger Points:

The prevalence of tight muscles caused by prolonged sitting and inadequate physical activity is a primary contributor to headaches. When muscles contract, they produce waste products like lactic acid, histamine, and bradykinins, which can cause muscular inflammation and trigger points if not efficiently removed from the muscle. The circulation process is crucial for diluting and removing waste products from muscle tissue. During muscle contraction, pressure is created on the fluids inside the muscle, pushing blood out and carrying away muscular waste products. Conversely, during muscle relaxation, pressure decreases, and blood floods back in, bringing vital nutrients.

Prolonged sitting or standing can lead to back and neck muscles being held contracted, producing irritating wastes. Over time, these irritants can cause muscles to lose their natural suppleness, leading to stiffness and shortness, and resulting in headaches and pain in the neck and head.

Joint Irritation and Nerve Compression

The spine’s vertebrae have movable joints that contribute to its stability and strength. The neck plays a crucial role in maintaining proper alignment between the vertebrae. The joints in the neck have abundant nerve fibers, which can trigger pain in the head and neck when they are strained or injured.

The affected joints of the spine often undergo subluxation. This causes strain and injury to the joints and supporting tissues. The result of the subluxation, ligament strain and joint injury, is headache.


Dr. Cady incorporates spinal manipulation to enhance joint mobility and reduce restriction. Additionally, physical therapy modalities like electrical muscle stimulation, ice, and traction can expedite the recovery process by reducing inflammation and alleviating painful headaches. Over the course of treatment, patients can anticipate steady improvement in their condition.

The subsequent phase of rehabilitation focuses on restoring neck mobility to a normal level, achieved through the implementation of appropriate stretches and exercises.

Dr. Cady will offer guidance throughout the entire rehabilitation process, although it will be necessary for patients to be diligent in adhering to their stretching regimen. To begin with, gentle stretches are recommended, gradually progressing to more rigorous exercises. Ultimately, patients can resume their normal activities free of discomfort.

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