TMJ and Jaw Pain

Care through chiropractic - TMJ and Jaw Pain Treatment

TMJ and Jaw Pain Treatment

Do you have pain when you open your mouth, yawn or chew?  Do you have popping in your jaw and soreness in your cheeks or around the ear?  These symptoms may indicate a Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. You need to receive the proper TMJ and jaw pain treatment.

Chiropractic joint manipulation and mobilization can improve joint function.  In addition stretches, soft tissue mobilization and physical therapy modalities can help to stabilize your symptoms.  During treatment, you will need to eat softer food.  This reduces pressure on the jaw.

Dr. Cady will give you homework to do in addition to in office treatment.  Homework often includes specific jaw stretches, icing and diet modifications.  We are here to help you with your recovery. 

Dr. Cady is one of the few doctors who successfully treats injuries to the jaw. We get referrals from all types of doctors.  Medical Doctors, Dentists and Orthodontists refer patients for evaluation and treatment of jaw pain.  Come in for an evaluation today!



TMJ and jaw pain

Research Agrees

Chiropractic Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction. A case study concluded this.  All patients selected for this case study showed a reduction of symptoms. (read more).  Therefore, start with conservative gentle chiropractic care.

Treatment Options

Manipulation with an Activator Adjusting Instrument to adjust the misaligned TMJ joint. This helps to restore normal biomechanics to the joint which improves joint function and reduces pain.  After that, the joint can heal properly.

Ultrasound reduces joint inflammation and muscle inflammation and any other inflammatory responses that occur in the head and neck area. In addition, is extremely beneficial in reducing swelling and pain in the TMJ and jaw area.  

Moist Heat causes muscles muscle relaxation by applying deep heat to muscle groups and also the joint area using a hydrocollator.  After that, finishing with ice keeps the swelling down. Use heat about 10 minutes.  After that, use ice for 10 mintues.

Ice can be introduced to achieve pain reduction and reduce spasm and muscle tension.  When in doubt whether to use ice or heat, it is safer to use ice. In other words, use ice, it is so nice!

Myofascial Therapy reduces muscle tension and stress, and muscle pain by manual manipulation.   During treatment, the muscles may be uncomfortable but as a result, the pressure on the jaw reduces. 

Eating soft food reduces physical stress.  In short, during treatment, you have an excuse to eat more delicious soft food, smoothies, frozen yogurt and protein shakes.  As a result of the above treatment approach, you should improve steadily.  

In summary, it takes a wide approach to help you.  This is how we approach your TMJ and jaw pain treatment. 

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