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Kids can benefits from chiropractic too! Even children with no pain or symptoms can receive “wellness” benefits from regular chiropractic visits.  Spinal problems can begin as early as when the child is born. Birth trauma and stress from a difficult labor, use of forceps or during a caesarean section delivery can injure your baby’s spine. This can cause a vertebral subluxation which restricts your baby’s joint motion.

As children begin to walk, they take hundreds of falls. In the early years they are always falling off bikes, out of trees, etc. All of these small traumas add up and eventually start to affect the spine.  It has been proven that adjusting the spine to relieve nerve pressure has a direct effect on the immune system. It also makes sense that a better functioning nervous system makes for a better functioning body as a whole.

Chiropractic has been shown through research to be an excellent choice for wellness care. Your children deserve to have their full potential utilized as they grow. Chiropractic care is a very important part of your children’s health care. Please make an appointment to have your child’s spine checked. Dr. Cady has helped numerous children and infants as young as seven days old. Bring your children in and let us check them today! Call us at 408-739-2273.

Cady Chiropractic Kids

How many of you have taken young children to have their teeth or their eyes checked? Most of you probably have. Now how many of you have taken your child to a chiropractor to have his or her spine checked? 

The research regarding the effect of chiropractic care on kids is amazing. A 1989 study which compared 200 children who had seen pediatricians with 200 children who had been under chiropractic care showed that the health of the children who had seen chiropractors was notably superior to that of children brought up under standard medical care. The chiropractic children, for example, had fewer ear infections, allergies, and cases of tonsillitis, and therefore required less medicine.

Cady Chiropractor Kids
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